Professions and Hobbies are an important part of Echo of Soul. Each character can pick 1 Profession and 2 Hobbies. These can be improved as characters level up and can give different options to craft useful items that will help players become more powerful, or you can sell the crafted items on the Marketplace as a method of income.

Each Profession and Hobby will grant the character a Passive Skill (Soul Expert Hobby excluded). These Passive Skills will either grant characters a stat boost or allow them to create items that are only usable by the creator (Non-tradeable items).

With the Episode 2.o Update, All Recipes/Formulas can now be viewed when opening the Profession Window (Default Button: J), This includes Recipes/Formulas that haven't been learned. A new Filter "Formula Learned" was also added to the Profession window, which allows players to filter only the Recipes/Formulas that have been learned.

In this section you can find a link to each Profession and Hobby which will provide more in depth information regarding them. A link to the high-level ingredient Essence of Courage can also be found here.


There are 3 main professions in the game, which players are limited to only being able to select 1 Profession.

  • Alchemist (Crafter of Remedies, Elixirs and Potions)
  • Jeweler (Crafter of Jewels and Jewelry)
  • Resource Collector (Collector of Resources which are needed by Alchemist and Jewelers)


  • Soul Expert (Processors of Souls and Stat Boosting Scrolls)
  • Chef (Creator of fine cuisines which boost stats and Energy Levels)

Essence of Courage Edit

  • Essence of Courage (An important ingredient needed by all Professions/Hobbies after Level 60)

First Introduction to Professions/Hobbies Edit

The first moment in game when players are introduced to and can learn Professions/Hobbies for the first time, is after Mnemos Town has been saved from the Goblins. Players will obtain a quest called "Earning that Gold" from the Chef NPC: Strass in Mnemos Town. Players will then be required to speak to the Soul Expert NPC: Griselda, who will give an explanation about Professions.

Unlike Episode 1.0, The Professions guide NPC: Marek is no longer available (limited to Professions only), so players will be unable to accept any Profession Quests until they reach level 70 and have entered The Hintervale and Sunset Vale Hunting Grounds.

Episode 2.5 Update Edit

Following the Episode 2.5 Update, Daily Profession quests were no longer available from Profession NPCs located in the Vaulted and Burning Plain. Desirable Profession Tokens were also no longer obtainable from Quests. However they can now be obtained via the use of Mystical Profession Tokens which are available in Daily quests from Profession NPCs located in The Hintervale and Sunset Vale Hunting Grounds.

Notes Edit

  • Cancelling or changing a Profession or Hobby will result in a complete reset of any progress made within the Profession and Hobby regardless of whether it is picked again at a later date.