Echo of Soul
Publisher(s) Aeria Games
Director(s) Junhyung "JH" Jung
Project Manager
Platform(s) PC
Release date(s) Spring 2015
Genre(s) MMORPG

Echo of Soul is a free to play MMORPG game originally developed in South Korea by NVius. It released in China in October 2014 and brought to western players by Aeria Games in May 2015.It is built on the Unreal Engine.

Gameplay Edit

There are six classes: Warrior, Guardian, Archer, Rogue, Sorceress and Warlock. This game breaks away from the usual 'Trinity' in that it has no dedicated healing class. All members of dungeon groups will need to work strategically together to ensure success. All classes are gender locked but characters within the class can be customized during creation.

Crafting is available and consists of Jeweler, Resource Collector and Alchemy as main professions and Soul Expert and Cooking as secondary. Players may only choose one main profession. The game refers to them as 'hobbies'.

Class abilities are increased with talent paths. There are two paths available for each class. Players can also slot a Soul Skill into their action set. There are four types of Soul Skills that can be activated with purified souls. Two Chaos Souls are required to do a purification unless you perform a co-op purification, in which case only one is needed. Co-op purification can be performed anywhere but a normal purification requires the player to be near a Soul Sanctum.

Player equipment can be stat enhanced with the use of Jewels. Jewels are looted from mobs and may occasionally be quest rewards.

Gameplay is very linear and the quest system can seem a bit grindy. Not untypical of Korean games however. In-game purchases are not required to progress but are strongly encouraged early in the game.

There are three types of dungeons in the game. Solo, Group and Infinity. Solo dungeons are part of the questing system and players will need to complete them as they progress through an area.