A former member of a nomadic tribe, the Archer wields both bow and music on her search for adrenaline and adventure.

Firing deadly high-speed arrows, she protects her new fellowship from all those who would do them harm.

Master of melody, her eerie songs enhance the skills of her allies with buffs and healing and can weaken enemies to turn the tide of battle..

Basic Skills Edit

Name Description Concentration Cast Time Range (Meters) Energy CD (Seconds)
Archer Torrent
Nock Twice Launches 2 consecutive strikes, each of which deals DMG equivalent to 57% of ATK and restores 15 Concentration. -0 Instant 20.0 7.6 3.0
Archer Wind
Wind Arrow Deals DMG equivalent to 130% of ATK. -15 Instant 20.0 6.9 5.0
Archer Confirmed
Kill Shot Deals DMG equivalent to 238% of ATK. Skill can only be used when target's HP falls below 50%. Upon killing a target using Kill Shot, restores consumed Concentration. -35 Instant 20.0 9.2 10.0
Archer Shooting
Suppressing Shot Deals DMG equivalent to 103% of ATK and knocks the target back 3 meters. -10 Instant 20.0 6.1 10.0
Archer Shepherd of Wind
Wailing Wind Deals DMG equivalent to 169% of ATK. -10 Instant 20.0 7.6 8.0
Archer Silent Shooting
Silencing Shot Deals DMG equivalent to 53% of ATK and disables enemy skills that use a yellow casing bar. Target can't use skills with casting time for 3 seconds. Skill activates instantly when used. -0 Instant 20.0 3.8 10.0
Archer Detoxify
Field Detox Removes one harmful Magic or Poison effect from caster or an ally. -0 Instant 30.0 3.8 5.0
Archer Natural assimilation
Elusion Decreases ATK by 10%. In exchange, increases Move SPD by 10% and reduces Roll cooldown by 40%.

Hunter Path only.

-10 Instant n/a 0.8 5.0
Archer Song skill
Octave Shift When using Wind Arrow or Wailing Wind, additional Bard effects activate depending on selected song. Singing a new song activates a Modulation effect which increases ATK by 2%. Effect stacks up to 5 times.

Bard Path only.

n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Archer Extinction
Obscurity Renders caster invisible for 3 seconds and reduced Threat Level significantly. Reduced enemies' detection range by 50% and reduces caster's received DMG by 20%. -15 Instant n/a 0.8 60.0
Archer Paralysis shooting
Paralytic Point Immobilizes target for 20 seconds. Effect lasts for 4 seconds when applied to players. Immobilized target recovers 5% HP every second. Effect is canceled if target is attacked. -0 Instant 20.0 8.4 20.0

Specialization Edit

Huntress - Ranged Damage: She inflicts continuous damage with fast attacks and spectacular shooting effects. Her long-range arrows inflict maximum damage, killing her enemies instantly.


Bard - Support: Melodic tunes to either support allies or weaken foes.